Over the last 10 years, Nate has photographed a huge variety of commercial photography projects including and not limited to music festivals, portraits, runners in inflatable sumo costumes, architecture, conferences, gala dinners & award ceremonies… even a PR campaign of a chicken with a placard standing outside supermarkets. The portfolio is varied, and it is vast!

Event Photography

Gala dinners, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, and everything in between. If you want photographs that show how awesome your event is, give Nate a call.

Portrait Photography

If you want some family portraits, actor headshots, or corporate portraits for your company, Nate can do it all.

Product Photography

Clean white backgrounds are great for showcasing your products, but adding a bit of colour or using a textured background can add something extra.

Architectural Photography

Crisp details and beautifully straight vertical lines is what great architectural photography is all about. This attention to detail, coupled with time-lapse footage can really show your project off.