Nate has worked with architects and construction companies around the UK to photograph and record projects at their beginning, middle and end. If you are looking forward to take some architectural photography for you, give me a call.
In terms of time-lapse projects, after seeing a gap in the market, I have worked with a company in Australia to develop a new state-of-the-art solar powered time-lapse solution for sites with limited or no power, meaning undisturbed coverage, even in the most remote locations.


Photographing interiors is all about crisp vertical lines, and noticing all of the small details. Nate has worked with architects and developers up and down the country to make properties looks beautiful. If you want to show of your property to it’s true potential, get in touch.


Nate has worked with construction companies on long term photography projects up and down the country. Being able to visit a site on a monthly basis is a great way to keep track of the progress being made, and photographing the same locations for months and months requires a certain level of creativity… of which Nate has in abundance.


I offer long term time-lapse solutions for all construction projects. Whether that is the mega solar-powered, remote control bad boy developed with colleagues in Australia, or one of my ‘simple’ cameras which runs on batteries and memory cards, but still kicks out great videos for web use. Whatever your budget, I can create a time-lapse package for you.